Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Deleted Screen-shots

I've not logged on to this blog for a few weeks, so I'm not sure what has gone on with regards to all the profit & loss screen-shots I've uploaded. They have been replaced by an exclamation mark as you can see. I think I've deleted them all in error without realising - maybe from my google account, although as I say, I'm not 100% sure. If anyone can confirm or has any idea what has happened to them all, I'd appreciate it if you could let us know in the comment section.

In a nut-shell, things have not progressed from the 13k I made a few weeks ago. Looking at my profit & loss, maybe I should cut down on all Australian sports. You can see that's where the obvious weakness is. I will keep the updates coming anyway, probably on a monthly basis from now on.

Also, the 'print screen' button doesn't seem to be working on my computer so I can't take a screen-shot at the moment. My profit & loss reads like this though for the last 3 months (19th March- 19th June) Main wallet: £10,535.42 Australian wallet: -£4,530.28 so in total I'm up a £6,005.14 within those last 3 months. Betfair is the only gambling platform I use as well so that's the total figure. When I can work out how I can take a screen-shot from my PC, I will upload one.