Tuesday, 25 January 2011

January Update 1st-25th

Ok, this is going to be very ugly viewing. There are few positives that can be taken from this obviously, but I know where I went wrong and was happy to take these risks at the time. Basically, I had a very big bet on New England Patriots to win their AFC Championship NFL game with New York Jets and paid the price. Tom Brady who is usually very reliable and trustworthy had a very poor game and looked passionless throughout. This cost me dear, as I was trading out for a big loss before half-time.

To make matters worse, I also lost big money on Venus Williams a few days later. That really did put the end to the worst week I've had since this time last year. It was really bad timing at its very worst. Venus Williams lost the first set on a tie-break to Sandra Zahlavova then got injured at the start of the second which resulted in her barely being able to move, let alone swing her racket. Everyone thought it was game, set and match, so they piled into Zahlavova at very short odds. However, after a 10 minute injury time-out, Williams came back to miraculously win the set 6-0 then go onto to take the match. This cost me well over 1k. Saying that, all it has done is wipe out my January profit. I can take this hit and start again. Any other questions or comments, let us know.

Btw, I have 2 Betfair accounts, so because this was such a bad week, I started to use my alternative account from the 24th onwards - so that's why you see 2 different accounts below.

January 1st-24th 2010

Australian wallet:

January 24th-25th 2010:

Australian wallet:

Total P&L: +120.12

Saturday, 15 January 2011

January Update 1st-14th

I'll keep this short and to the point. It's just been a really good start to January, although there have been one or two dodgy moments; Canada vs Hampshire in the Caribbean Twenty20 tournament to name but one, where I lost over 1k due to a terrible collapse by Hampshire, but apart from that, it's gone very well.

January 1st-14th 2011:

Australian wallet:

Total P&L: +£3,447.99

Tuesday, 11 January 2011

January Update 1st-10th

It's been a decent start to the year on Betfair, although no real change from the other day. Hopefully it continues.

Aussie wallet:

Total P&L: +£2,980.69

Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Last Few Months

2011 has started off quite well and has helped me overcome a disappointing 3 months at the back end of last year on Betfair. Since the 1st Jan 2011, I've somehow managed to make £2,986.71 in total which has more than helped things. I now have the bank size required to make this work, as opposed to taking more risks with certain bets in order to try and boost my starting bank.

Jan 1st-6th 2011:

Australian wallet:

October through to December was pretty much a disaster from a trading point of view. Very few things went right and I was forever making silly gambles in order to try and reach a workable bank size, which resulted in the inevitable. Ever since I came back from the US Open in New York in fact. That's why you see some terrible losses below, especially on the NFL. I'm now past that and feel I have the bank size required to make this work. My 3 month total currently stands at £2,772.64 which as I said above - is only there because of a very good last week.

October 6th 2010 - Jan 6th 2011:

Australian wallet:

Tuesday, 4 January 2011

January Update 1st-4th

It's been a good start to the new year so far, especially on the American Football.

Total P&L: +£1,643.75