Thursday, 6 January 2011

The Last Few Months

2011 has started off quite well and has helped me overcome a disappointing 3 months at the back end of last year on Betfair. Since the 1st Jan 2011, I've somehow managed to make £2,986.71 in total which has more than helped things. I now have the bank size required to make this work, as opposed to taking more risks with certain bets in order to try and boost my starting bank.

Jan 1st-6th 2011:

Australian wallet:

October through to December was pretty much a disaster from a trading point of view. Very few things went right and I was forever making silly gambles in order to try and reach a workable bank size, which resulted in the inevitable. Ever since I came back from the US Open in New York in fact. That's why you see some terrible losses below, especially on the NFL. I'm now past that and feel I have the bank size required to make this work. My 3 month total currently stands at £2,772.64 which as I said above - is only there because of a very good last week.

October 6th 2010 - Jan 6th 2011:

Australian wallet:

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