Monday, 21 March 2011

March Update 4th-21st

Overall it's been a good week, although as always it could have been better. The World Cup Cricket match between the West Indies and India caused me one or two problems. Someone who's won me quite a bit of money in the past, Kieron Pollard, had the opposite affect this time. His decent fielding and some poor shots from the likes of Yuvraj and Pathan meant that I lost on the 275 runs or more market from a position they should have really passed. Especially with the batting they had to come. Pollard then went on to get caught for 1 run during the West Indies run chase, which meant I also lost on the 39.5+ run-line for the West Indies as they were pretty much bowled-out for nothing after that.

I'd say that's as negative as it got, as there were a lot of positives and some decent wins - which is a first since around mid-January. I even had a winner during the Cheltenham Festival picking 'Sizing Europe' to win the 'Champion Chase' meaning I could trade-out quite early after it led. Despite Horse-Racing being one of my weakest sports for anything betting related.

March 4th-21st 2011:

Australian Wallet:

Total P&L: +£1,348.40


  1. Well done m8, showed the doubters what for!!! ;)

  2. Nah, I don't mind that tbh mate. Not trying to prove anyone wrong.

    Early days as well. Let's see what happens in the next few months....

  3. Hope the refound success continues!

  4. This just proves that you didnt need £500 to make money, you started with less than half of it and if you go bust again you know you can start with less again, you can build up with £20 if you really have to.

  5. I suspect John won't allow this comment to be posted, but we'll see...

    Before you all get carried away, take a step back. John has made a profit of £1350 in 18 days(i.e. £75 a day) and that's not to be frowned at. However, remember betting is his only source of income, and as we all know there are no guarantees, plus we know that John hasn't got any nest egg to fall back on.

    Each to their own, but if I was in John's shoes (and I have been there) I'd be actively jobhunting to try to secure a source of permanent income at the same time as trying to rebuild my betting bank, because I'd be aware of the fragility of my position and I'd want some kind of 'security'.

    So lets not pretend things are 'rosy'.

  6. Have you blown out again John?