Monday, 7 November 2011

November Update

November 1st-7th 2011:

Australian wallet:


Edited 8th Nov:


  1. Have you managed to get that 1K bank yet, John? seems very much hit and miss still with the pnl's, plus it's probably a year since things started going wrong.

    Not sure I'd have your stamina to carry on for so long when things just aren't going your way.

  2. I'm not close to a 1k bank, but it shouldn't be too long hopefully. Same pattern at the moment, win, but then withdraw an 'x amount' to my Natwest bank so bank building in my betfair account isn't happening until 'certain things' have been paid off. Look at the screen-shot I've added above. There should be a few extra 00's with those figures in reality.

    Looking to the new year now anyway. If I can get past around 1k within a month great, but next year is more realistic.