Tuesday, 18 February 2014

Update 30

1st January - 18th February 2014:

Australian wallet:



  1. Overall total from Update 1 to present.

    10th September - 10th December 2013: +£296.78
    11th December - 31st December 2013: -130.48
    1st January - 18th February 2014: -£142.43

    Total: +£23.87

  2. Just to clarify a few other things, Betfair is the only betting platform I use, so what you see here is the overall total of my betting activities (other than the odd treble/accumulator for fun, which you will also see on here). I don't do any multiples or use their sportsbook. Exchange only. I don't use any online casinos as well.

    If you have any other questions of relevance, let us know and I will answer them.