Monday, 7 July 2014

Life-time Profit & Loss 2007-2014

I've had 3 accounts in that time; odwyer1, odwyer2 and odwyer3 and the overall profit or loss for each sport on each account is detailed below. The column to look at is the 'Net P&L (Loc)'. odwyer3 is the account I use at the moment and for the most part, have spent the last 2 years losing 'small amounts' continuously. I was successful between around 2008-2010 as you can see on account odwyer2 (Rugby Union, Snooker and Soccer). Because I no longer have the 'equipment' available to me, Ive found it hard to recreate what I did previously, although if anyone has any ideas about how I can get going again (through a trading room maybe?), let us know. It would be appreciated. Thanks.

 odwyer1: (-£1,436.96)

odwyer2: (+18,495.64)

odwyer3: (+£3,019.34)

Total Profit & Loss: +£20,078.02


  1. I dont get it.Whats the point of this?it makes You feel better watching at this ''overall profit''?

  2. finnish? Still onz tje dole?

    £20k woz alllll luck.

    Gat a bloady job you caant.