Wednesday, 15 September 2010

Back In Routine

I've been away the last week watching the US Open in New York, so did not place a bet for a good week - which has to be some record for me! Slowly getting back in routine now.

12th-15th September 2010: +£751.58


  1. Can see you had to try a little baseball again ;)

    Anyways good to see you back on track. Guess I should have stayed away from betting on the us open myself...

  2. I know, it keeps luring me in. It's by far my worst sport for betting....maybe one day I'll find a way to crack it, but I doubt it.

    Bad week on the tennis?

  3. Nah, not too bad. Overall it went pretty good, but then I took some unnessesary big hits that kind of ruined it.

    Can see that you are doing good on the over/under football market, maybe I will look into it myself...