Monday, 20 September 2010

The Last 7 days

I didn't reach the target I expected this week. I made £253.14 in total, but was 2.5k up at one stage, so it should have been much better.

13th-20th September 2010:


  1. What went wrong on the Atl Madrid - Barcelona correct scote market? Looks nasty ;)
    I'd be tilting like crazy if I'd take a hit like that...

  2. You know what Barca are like when they have the lead? They're very good at holding leads and pass the ball about once they go 2 goals up. I expected a 4th goal, but it wasn't to be. The whole match was played on their terms. Was a horrible few hours as I backed the Pats to beat The NY Jets as well.

    It goes like this sometimes....

  3. Of course! Must have been a little sickening with the Chelsea over 4.5 a little earlier as well. But atleast you finished the week in profit...