Tuesday, 22 February 2011

February Update 18th-22nd

February 18th-22nd 2011:



  1. John, you cannot double your bank in a few days without overstaking. Be careful.

  2. Please add my blog. New this weekend.



  3. You're right, but right now, the only way I will get the bank size I need is to take some extra risks. No choice. Bank size is always the key. The bigger starting bank the more confidence I have, and that's why you see 10k+ screen-shots earlier in the blog. Once I reach £800-1k - I know I will be safe again. Unfortunately I've not had 1k+ in my account for a month now, and that's why I have failed. It's been a real struggle. When I did have 3.5k 1 month ago, I took it for granted and was careless with it. I knew the errors I was making (in not trading out) and was ok to take them at the time. I really would like to put that right, but I've 'done' myself as money does not grow on trees and there is no quick route to it. No one will take my word as well (despite the proof seen earlier in this blog) that I can make 27k+ if I was provided with 1k to get going again.

    To change the subject, I have also been paying off debts with what I have made on here in the last month, so I've not been building it as previous. All in all, it's just way too much of a challenge trying to make money on Betfair with a small bank. There is guaranteed money to be made from what I do, but not with the small bank I'm using right now. I need to somehow get to the safety net of 1k again.

  4. I wish you good luck John but I do fear that because you're overstaking you'll end-up in the same position sooner or later.

    I've added a link to your blog and would appreciate if you could do the same.


    All the best,


  5. I can't get any worse at the moment Mark, but thanks anyway.

    Only way is up from here. I've added your blog btw.

  6. John, been following you for ages....i know you can make money at this... you have proved it time and again...keep the faith fella.