Saturday, 25 June 2011

3 Month Update

This shows the extent of the damage really - the numbers I mean. The losing has gone on far too long, especially if this is your only form of income, like it is with me.

You're probably bored of hearing this as well, but I could have resolved this ages ago, if only I had the bank size to do so, but this is partially my fault. I'm not blaming anyone. It's just been a dodgy couple of months outside of using Betfair. On the other hand, I know it can change quite quickly so hopefully things start going in the right direction from now on.

26th March - 26th June 2011:

Australian wallet:

Total P&L: -185.82


  1. John,
    Are you a member at Wimbledon Racquets and Fitness Club?

  2. Nope, why? lol. Live a bit too far away, but sounds good.

  3. John go read 'Trading in the Zone' by Mark Douglas, it will change your life. I have it as a Pdf I can send if you want it.


  4. Thanks, I'll look at it, but as I've said many times, my problem isn't the markets I bet on. It's the bank size I am using. Bigger bank brings more confidence, in what I am doing. I've been here before so I'm 99.99% sure.

    I'll google it btw! Thanks again.

  5. It's not your only form of income you claim the dole money too :)

    Seriously though ,where on earth are you getting money to bet with at the moment John? Every post you do recently you're losing money.

    What's the current bank balance at? If you've no confidence with the current bank why bother carrying on losing it.

  6. Good questions and good points. I'm in quite a bit of mess due to a bad few months on Betfair, that carrying on is the only way out. Otherwise I'll be paying people off forever. All I need is the bank-size and things should go from there, so confidence isn't an issue. Basically, I've sold most of the stuff I have of value, so that's how I've got funds, but now I'm on my last legs. So now I have to make it work. Not good I know, but I know I can buy it all again in future and learn from what has been poor money management.

    I'll do a June update later today, which will show the last weeks profit and loss

  7. Fair enough, once you get back on track you can always buy them again. Gotta use any capital where it's most needed.