Sunday, 17 July 2011

3 Month Update

Not good viewing, but was caused by problems in April, May and June due to a combination of issues outside of Betfair and a small bank-size. I won't go into great detail about what happened because you can read back and basically see, but I am expecting things to turn round for the better in the coming months now my situation has changed.

16th April-July 16th 2011:

Australian Wallet:

Total P&L: -£529.61


  1. I know I've asked this before, but can someone tell me how to get my 'life-time' Betfair Profit and Loss - since I started using Betfair in 2007?

    Can a more comprehensive and detailed viewing be requested from Betfair?


  2. just email or ring them up, they can send you a list of bets from when you opened the account or even just a summary by sport

  3. Hey John, keep fighting the fight mate

  4. Hi John, I can see you are trading almost any sport. Personally I think it is very hard to make money unless specializing in one or two markets using very few strategies.

  5. You have a point mate. Some sports are not meant for trading, due to a number of reasons - not enough money in the market one of them.

    I'm just trying to raise the bank size I need to get going, and it's not come around as quick as I thought. Outside issues have not helped as well. If I had that flat 1k in my Betfair bank, I would never have been here, but getting that has been a difficult process.

    Once I do get there, I could start trading again which is the way forward. It will hopefully happen in the coming weeks.

  6. I've not had 1k in my Betfair account now for months -- I've always withdrew any winnings to pay off debts, and that again, has not helped things. That's why it's like it is, atm.