Tuesday, 16 August 2011

3 Month Update

In the last 3 months I've actually lost -£147.19, which explains the extent of the damage. That's all for now.

16th May - 16th August 2011:

Australian wallet:



  1. mate, no pro i know bets on 18 sports. it is impossible to be good at all of them. stick to 2-3 (1 is even better!) you dont need a massive bank either., i've turned £100 into £10k in 3 months twice before.

    GL with whatever you do from here

  2. Outside circumstances have been a big factor in recent losses, it has little to do with the amount of sports I bet on in truth. I've done it this way before and was successful at it, and I'm comfortable betting/trading on this amount of sports (although one or two can, and will, be cut out).

    My main issue is bank size, and trying to get that bank size. I've been trying to gamble my way to 1g+ by taking more risks, and obviously it has not worked out. That's the reason for the losses. I've said this many times, hence the lack any real update. No point repeating myself all the time.

    If I had that set 1k (3/4 months back) I would not be in this position. I could do this like I did last year, with a clear mindset, which resulted in me doing quite well at it.

    The losses have gone on too long now, and need to look at other avenues of making it work.