Monday, 1 August 2011

Considering Having A Break

It's a forced break because I am fighting a losing cause, and can't get hold of the bank I need in order to relieve the pressure and make it work. All I am getting is people looking on seeing loss after loss and getting the wrong impression because of it. The reality is, last year when I was successful as any person who does this full-time will tell you, I had access to a big betting/trading bank that helps them build their funds gradually with no pressure. I've not had over £1,000 in my Betfair bank March now, and before that mid-January during the Australian Open. That's twice this year. And it's no coincidence why I find myself in this position.

Last year when I made in the region of £27,000 my bank size never went below £2,000 for 7+ months from February 2010 to around September. It was at around £13,000 at it's highest in June in fact. It only started to go downhill at the bank-end of September during the US Open (funnily enough when I came home from New York as well).

I am still confident of making it pay big (I am still £14,000+ in profit lifetime on Betfair), but waiting here week after week playing with numerous "last chance" small banks is not working and it's getting me deeper into trouble.

24th July-1st August 2011:



  1. John,
    I have read your blog over many months now, through the good times of last year upto the present.I understand that you feel the only problem is bank size, if this is true, then why dont you ask all that read your blog, if 30 people would be willing to invest £33 into an account. This would give you your £1000 without the pressure of owing it all to one person.If you double it then pay back the £33.
    I think you would have no trouble finding 30 people to invest in you, all you need to do is to ask.
    Think about it.

  2. Probably the first sensible post you've done in a while, John.

    Every pro out there knows that you only bet when everything is in your favour. If somethings missing you hold back. Obviously there's a lot of debate given to your 'criteria' of whether a £1K bank is valid but if that is your missing link then you're doing the right thing not betting until you have it.

    If nothing else the last 6 months has shown you can't operate with a low bank. Only thing to do now is work out your best way of getting that £1K for a comeback. Who knows maybe dj's idea could work but somehow I'd imagine you'd be betting well before any £1K had been hit. Best thing to do is go out and earn it and you'd have a lot more respect for any bets you do once you've put in some graft to get there.

  3. I'll reply to these properly later as I'm quite tired as I've just come back from a run - I'll be honest, things are very bad right now. It's an idea DJ, although one I've been reluctant to go down for numerous reasons, but one that will pay off for someone without question. Especially if I am using 1k.

    All I need is that stable base of 1k and I 'expect' things to turn around significantly, but at the moment, playing with nothing is holding me back and making things impossible.

  4. Hi John,
    I fully understand your reservations regarding asking total strangers to support you, but look at it this way.
    1.These people have been reading your blog for months. Why? probably because your honest with your losses. ( i am sure 99.9% of us know that feeling!)
    2. Chances are these people, gamble / trade, so they they understand the turmoil.
    3. In the recent past you have made money. Does not mean you will in the future but it shows you can do it.
    4.And this really is the clincher, the people like me who read this blog seem to show in their comments a hope you can turn this around .

    Now, the only way to prove it is to actually do it. Blimey, we have all been investing in a pension for years that gets blown by the pro's on the stock exchange so this is no different!

    Good luck with what you decide.

  5. Cheers dj, I agree with what youre saying.

  6. One of the downsides of doing this, dj, is I have no Paypal account.

    I think the only credible way I can go about raising the money I need is to get a job, then once I have the funds I need, pursue what I'm confident of happening.

    Although I am too late now tbh, and in way way too deep debt-wise, but that's my problem.

  7. I only needed the stability of around 1k as well! I might have got there through a bit of luck, but it wasn't to be. Trying to gamble my way there hasn't worked.

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  9. Beaware as this guy have you on his blog list but he is actually a cheater , he posts fake results which are actually losing ones but he post it as been profitable ! As people register to his FREE TIPS.. email will be full of betting advertising !

  10. Ok, thanks for the head up. I'll look.

  11. It's all just temporary anyway - but thanks for the messages.

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