Monday, 7 May 2012

2 Month Update

March 9th-May 7th 2012:

Australian wallet:



  1. Nice going , John. Do you think you'll be able to maintain this pace though or will you blow it through overstaking when the inevitable bad run happens like last time?

    Good to see that despite you doing too many sports you don't actually do too many markets a day so hopefully you're picking and choosing when to play.

    Keep it up and the last few years will seem the distant past. It's not that hard to make a 6 figure yearly sum doing this. As long as you can keep focused and not lose your head when thing go wrong it's actually surprisingly easy.

  2. Hi, thanks for the comment.

    Yeah, I've leanrt from past mistakes, so hopefully I can maintain things how they are. I've always said it was about having a big bank - I just wish I had access to this bank size in the last year as I wasted a big part of my life, losing through not having the funds. It's not easy though as you said because if it was, everyone would be doing it. You need to know what you're doing, what sports/markets to touch and what not to touch. It all comes with experience.

    Nothing is guaranteed, which I'm aware of. I'm just hoping it continues to go in the right direction from here.

  3. Well done John.Seeing as you live in Barnstable maybe you should pop down to Newton Abbot.You could pop into the UKIP office and spend £125 of your well earned cash and help protect the future of the beautiful county of Devon.

  4. Thanks.

    And I'm not sure Devon needs saving does it? Seems fine how it is. :-)

  5. Been following your blog for ages, just dropped into it today after a while away, amazing turn around !!!! keep up the fantastic work.

  6. Thanks very much. All the best to you as well.

  7. Great profits.

    With regard to the Anon quote - not that I've ever won as much as you - but I can relate to what he's saying from my own trading experiences at times, as when I have had a winning run I get guilty of thinking I can just switch on my computer and back anything.

    Basically my point is 'keeping feet on the ground' is just as important a tool as picking a winner.

    It's good that you think you know where you went wrong in the past, it should help if/when you do have a couple of losses.

    Are you using a certain amount of percentage of your bank for your trades?

    Great to see someone on a run like this, keep it up and good luck :)