Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Life-time Betfair Profit & Loss

I requested my life-time profit & loss from Betfair yesterday just to see how much I was up or down since I started using it in 2007. Bear in mind the first few years were a learning curve and I spent losing for the most part, as well as a difficult 2011. I have 3 accounts on Betfair or have used 3 accounts since 2007, so I asked for my figures on all 3 of them. It turns out my overall profit is +£26,207.27 which is a surprise. Below details the overall figures on all 3 of my accounts. I've numbered them 1, 2 and 3. (Number 3 is the account I am using currently).





  1. Great stuff, love it how you've bounced back and shut up your nay sayers...

  2. Thanks. I think it was only natural to doubt after seeing some of the losses I had to be fair. I was always confident of what would happen anyway. It was just a matter of finding the bank size to get going. Hoping it continues to go in the right direction.

  3. How can I contact you directly? I want to ask for something & show you something.
    Thanks for answer

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  5. You want to check their figures against your PC portal page , not sure of what figures they use for your commission figures. They usually fudge things so the comms are lower than they actually take

  6. Well done again John.Looks like you're kicking butt and taking names.
    Also the whole of the U.K.needs UKIP unless you want to lose your local communities.
    Keep up the good work you have certainly silenced this particular critic!

  7. Lol, UKIP the acceptable BNP .

  8. Anon,are you not English or are you a hand wringing,bleeding heart liberal apologist !
    (smiley face emoticon).