Tuesday, 20 July 2010

30 Day Update

20th June - 20th July 2010



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  2. Well done John. You really know how to get to grips with the football market. It is really letting me down as obviously I am not thinking 'outside the box' enough. If you ever feel the urge to put me in the right direction so that one day I could look forward to a Premium Charge statement I would forever be your servant!!!

    Do you like it with or without sugar?

    replacement comment as the first can't be seen with all those spelling mistakes!)

  3. Thanks mate. A big betting bank helps tons. It brings stability and gives you confidence in placing the bets. A few people ask me for pointers, but as you know it's not as easy as that. I just do the obvious and avoid markets that I see as dodgy, such as next goal betting in football.

    Good luck with things!

  4. Do you green up your bets or let them run?

  5. Depends how confident I am feeling. Usually I trade-out as it's always the safe option.