Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Short Update

12th-14th July 2010


On another note, I'm not paying premium charge yet either. I don't know how many months you have to be winning consistantly for this to happen, but I am guessing it's just around the corner.



  1. Check out the premium charge portal , it'll show how close you are to paying

  2. That's interesting. It's still not 100% clear whether I am paying it or not, but I'll post it above anyway. Are you?

  3. Looking at your statement you've probably got a buffer of around 18K in winnings before you'll start paying PC charges. Obviously that's a rough guide based on your figures. Basically as soon as your total charges are less than 20% of your Gross PL you'll become liable. To win the 12.2K or so to put you in that bracket will mean you'll be generating comms towards that total charges figure along the way so alot will depend on your win rate and you've also got a £1000 allowance which is worth £5K's winnings.

    They also let you off the first charge so just have to hope once you've eaten away that allowance the first weeks charge is a biggy. I'm paying at the moment don't think you'll find many profitable traders that aren't tbh.