Saturday, 3 July 2010

Saturday's Profit & Loss


- Btw, I will make sure to reply to all the questions I've received, later today. Thanks.


  1. hello john,congratulations for your results.

    i've some questions about your strategies,etc and i've some techniques who can interested you i think,so that would be interesting for each other to discuss i believe,

    here my msn :

    thank you to have read ;)
    (off course,don't need to accept the message in comments of the blog ;) )

  2. Man, it is guys like you that makes me beleive that it's still possible to make money on betfair, heck I should have stopped betting years ago ;-)

    Just got one small question for you, do you just bet in-play?

  3. Hi, yeah, I stick to in-play and events that are on TV. It's been uphill since february time for me - almost 5 months I think? Hopefully it continues.