Monday, 5 July 2010

Backing Against Uruguay

It's not the bravest bet in the world, but I've decided to lay (back against) Uruguay to win the World Cup. They're fairly lucky to be there and even if they do get past Holland, will they see off the Spanish or Germans?! Very difficult to say the least. They're missing a few key players for their semi-final tomorrow as well. I think odds of 15.5 is a decent lay.


  1. Can you post a P&L form the 1st of May 0:00? Some of your P&Ls overlap & it's very confusing to keep track.
    You know that you can edit the date & time on a P&L request right & just don't have to pick 7,30, 3 month range?

  2. Good luck with that bet, its been a funny world cup and ANYTHING yet could happen!
    Surley Brazil couldn't be beaten by the Netherlands?!

  3. True, it's been unpredictable in the early rounds. I'm not sure Uruguay will beat 2 big guns on the spin. If they did, it would be the biggest shock in world cup history by far.