Tuesday, 3 August 2010

6 Month Update

Today I asked Betfair if they could email me a 6 month profit and loss summary from my account. I was quite happy with the results overall, although I guessed it was somewhere around this mark. Also, my turnover on Betfair (bets made) during this time is not far from £1.5 million at £1,417,486. Sounds more than it actually is though, as anyone who uses Betfair will know.

February 2nd 2010 - 3rd August 2010: +£18,637

My strongest market has been Football by a long way making +£10,614, which is more than I thought, and Rugby League (NRL & Super League) my second making +£4,176, with my only real negative coming from MLB losing -£3,088, so I think it's best if I avoid that sport from today.


  1. Nice work John.

    You've turned it round big style.

    Good to hear about someone making it pay, gives the donkey's like me a bit of hope.