Friday, 6 August 2010

Gold Coast Titans v Parramatta Eels

This is probably the best book I've ever had on Betfair, and an example of when things go right. I layed Parramatta when they were 12-0 up at 1.2 and are now losing 22-12 with 10 mins to go, so I feel quite fortunate to win £900+ whatever the outcome is.


  1. Hi John
    very good result , i look you blog to much time , but 1 time i write
    one question how much you use % of you bankroll every trade???
    thank you very much
    you are the best

  2. Hi, it depends on the market and how confident I am feeling of that team or individual winning. I don't really use a set % tbh. gl.

  3. Hi John,

    I think Betfair is really tough for beginners. Is it really tough?

  4. Hi Maria,

    Yes, it is very tough. It's not like your usual bookmakers (like ladbrokes and william hill etc). On Betfair you have the chance to lay-off your bets at a lower price. I found it very complicated when I first started using it back in 2007, but after 2/3 weeks I got used to it. I'd suggest giving it a go for few weeks until you get used to it. Use the forum as well, as that will help you understand things better.


  5. yes I understand thanks for giving this suggestions.

  6. hey o'dwyer

    it seems you have a pretty good grasp of what youre doing. well done.

    however, do you not think it is inefficient to have (nearly) equal green in spots like this?

    i guess youre taking the safe option, but if you can squeeze out even an extra 1-2% in spots like this by going £0.00 (or enough to cover your cost of capital) on the 100-1, in the long run its gonna gonna add up.