Wednesday, 25 August 2010

7 Day Update

I've put-off updating this over the last few days as I've tried to concentrate on getting my Betfair situation back on track, which has hit a wall in the last week or so. To keep things consistent though, I will still continue to post updates on here. Just to show that it's not all about the wins. It's been a bad week overall. I was probably due one.

I got my Betfair bank size to around £14k 2 weeks ago and now it stands at £8k (with various withdrawals) so I am back in the process of rebuilding again and trying to reach small targets.

I'm going to the US Open Tennis in New York on the 7th September until 12th thanks to winning on Betfair, so seeing as you can't use Betfair in the US, it's the ideal chance to use it as a break.




  1. Dont lose focus.
    you know u can do it. good luck john

  2. lol, cheers. You know if I mess up again next week, I am officially on the downward spiral. Should be ok though. It was just one of those weeks where everything that could go wrong, did go wrong. It's swings and roundabouts...

  3. Fair play to you for posting the loss. Like you say, it's not all plain sailing.

    I've not seen another trader with such an unprecedented grasp of trading so many different sports - very impressive.

  4. Minority sports in hindsight are probably not a good idea to get involved with. I'm ok with most sports as long as there is enough money in the market. If there is no money to get out of bets, you know as well as I do, things will be difficult, and you're relying on luck etc.

  5. john
    some week no good can hapness
    you are very good trader
    i'm sure you recovery soon

  6. You get weeks like this sometimes. Hopefully it's better next week. Decent weekend of sport, so it should be...