Saturday, 14 August 2010

7 Day Update

August 7th-14th 2010:



  1. Absolutely outstanding stuff, respect! Did you start trading when you where at £250?

    I'm wondering about trying to start trading after many years of punting, but it's hard to get in to and find a solid strategy...

  2. Yeah, I started from £250 back in late January/early February and built it up gradually. It's only this year it's kicked off. I've been using Betfair for about 3 years, and before this year, I'd say I lost more then I's been a learning process.

    Good luck in finding something that works.

  3. Hi John
    congratulation for you regularity profit from betfair
    i can contact for email for make you some questions (i no want know you secret)
    thank you very much

  4. Hi Francesco. Ask your questions on here and I'll do my best to help. All the best! John.

  5. thank you very much John
    i want know 2 thing
    1)you bet in play or pre game
    2)you look always the event you trade
    thank you again

  6. Has to be in-play, never pre-game. Not always with live TV pictures though. If the stream on the net is good enough, I'd still bet on that event. I'd be lying if I said I traded out on every event. Most of the time I will because that is the safe option, but it 'usually' depends on how an event is looking. Saying that I'm not always right. Having a big betting bank (10k+) has brought stability and this means I can place the bets with confidence, this is opposed to playing with a smaller bank and being 1 loss away from having to deposit again.

  7. Thanks for taking the time to answer questions John! I got another one for you.

    Are you selective when you try to find a market to trade in, or do you just go for whats on the TV or stream when you sit down at your computer? For me it looks like you trade on all kinds of markets...

  8. They say you can't be successful betting on everything and need to specialise in certain sports.

    As long as there is decent money in the market, I'm ok with anything tbh. There are one or two sports I find difficult to trade on though, such as MLB and horse racing.