Monday, 9 May 2011

Last 7 Days

2nd-9th May 2011:



  1. Unlucky John, you can't keep posting losing weeks/months especially with no other real income. How long do you give it til you do something else.

    I'm not saying give up the dream completely but if you truely believe your edge is dependant on a larger bank you're just pissing in the wind even trying with the money you've got now. Successful players know when their edge exists and when to use it, no point playing when all the parts aren't in place.

  2. I've been so close, but so far in recent weeks. There's only so long it will be this way, otherwise I wouldn't continue. Will totally get there again, but the problem is time and big debts. I'm way behind schedule. It's unacceptable to be into May and still losing in this way. Very frustrating.

  3. John if u really want to make a go of it you need to leave the baggage of the past behind.

    think about it. do you really have the stomach for it ? if u do then dont let anyone put you off.

    good luck m8