Friday, 27 May 2011

May Update

1st-27th May 2011:



  1. John you are wiping anything profit you make away by betting on so many markets, when will you learn?

    What is your p/l for last 7 days?

  2. I could probably cut down on a few, but for the most part, I'm ok trying to do it this way. I've done it this way before and I'm comfortable betting on most sports. Bank size is my main issue. I withdrew most of what I made last week to pay off debts, so I never got the bank size I required, which never helped. I was back to square 1 basically.

    I'll post another update in a few days maybe.

  3. John the fact the you are able to make £188.14 while under a lot of debt pressure shows that you'd be flying if you didn't have the debts hanging over you, all the best.


  4. Hi John well done for the profit, I read that you withdrew most of what you made last week to pay off debts so I wanted to ask you when do you think you'll have the 1k bank that you want by?

  5. Thanks Chris, you're right, although if I had the right bank size, any outside worries wouldn't be that much of an obstacle. That's the main problem. It can be done under the pressure with the right bank size.

    I'm hoping to get to 1k asap, but at the moment, paying various organisations/people off is the priority, which is preventing me from building any bank size I have.

  6. Surely if you won £632 for 16th-19th may 2011 and only £188 for 1st-27 may 2011, you've actually lost £450 this week then john??

    Not knocking you for losing but you've always been upfront about wins and losses why change now?

  7. I had a bad start to May. I'll do another update in the week sometime.